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Plasterboard & Gypsum Recycling To Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Since July 2005, the EU Landfill Directive required that high sulphate waste, including plasterboards and waste Gypsum products, must now be recovered and recycled wherever possible.

In the UK, approximately 3 million tonnes of plasterboard are used in the construction industry each year. This generates an estimated 300,000 tonnes of waste plasterboard, largely made up from offcuts and scraps[i]. Plasterboard recycling enables us to make the most of this valuable resource, recovering Gypsum for the production of new materials.

What Materials Can Be Recycled?

Effective plasterboard recycling requires Gypsum based materials and plasterboard to be separated from other wastes on site. Plasterboard waste should not be deliberately mixed with general construction waste for landfill. Plasterboard from construction waste can be recycled and the Gypsum recovered providing it is free from contaminates such as wood, plastic and general soiling.

✔ Plasterboard waste Gypsum walls, ceilings and floors

✔ Virgin Gypsum board waste

✔ Complete boards

✔ Offcuts or broken parts

✔ Wastes from construction and refurbishment projects

✔ Industrial based Gypsum products and materials

Cost Effective Plasterboard Recycling & Gypsum Recovery

If you have plasterboard to dispose of, Skippy Nationwide can help. We will collect and recycle all clean uncontaminated plasterboard and Gypsum waste from site. For more information on plasterboard recycling and the ideal solution for you, call one of our experts today.

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