UK Retailers Expanding Into International Stores
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UK Retailers Expanding Into International Stores

posted in News by Skippy on 12:03 Oct 3rd, 2014

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Now that our economy is back on the rise, some UK retailers are beginning to open up new stores in the international market. With countries such as China seeing some of the biggest growth anywhere in the world, this has been one of the target countries for many businesses, with everyone from Apple to H&M looking to make millions in the far east. But this is not the only place where UK brands can be found, store openings across the world show just how ambitious our retailers have become.

How Has UK Retailing Expanded Internationally?

British shops trying to establish themselves overseas is nothing new, many have tried over the years in various different places with a mixture in fortune. Whether it’s the Marks & Spencer in Paris or Topshop in New York, retailers have tried again and again to crack foreign countries to boost sales and profits, particularly once they’ve reached a saturation point in their domestic market.

Not all of the UK foreign store openings are as obvious as these, certain places in the Middle East, as well as areas of Asia, have the biggest potential to earn money compared with anywhere else in the world. Dubai has been one of the epicentres of this over the last few years, so it’s no surprise that a whole host of UK shops have opened stores therehoping to take advantage of the local wealth as well as the millions of tourists which visit every year.

While you would expect fashion stores to thrive, some of our exports are not so obvious. One store which has taken a foothold in Dubai over the last two years is Poundstretcher, which has proved to be a big success in the gulf state despite being seen as a paradox by some.

Rohan Hingorani, an associate analyst for Planet Retail based in Mumbai says “the majority of the population over there are foreigners with a moderate lifestyle. The world economy is not doing so well these days and companies are cutting costs through various measures, which is affecting the salaries of employees. People are focusing on saving their income, so at this point in time a discount store can be a good option for people who cannot afford lavish spending.

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