The UK Needs 1 Million More Construction Workers!
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The UK Needs 1 Million More Construction Workers!

posted in News by Skippy on 12:30 Dec 10th, 2015

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A recent report discovered that, if the UK government’s building targets are going to be met, then the construction industry will need to double in size to deal with the added workload. Over the next five years, the industry will need to create as many as one million jobs to meet the rising demand for house-building. Great news for out-of-work construction experts then, and just as good for commercial skip hire companies and providers of construction materials too.

Why Does The Construction Industry Need To Grow So Quickly?

Essentially, the government’s decision to create one million new, affordable homes by 2020, aided by the relaxing of planning laws, means that the construction industry needs to go quickly to meet the demand. Unfortunately, this is being severely hampered by the availability of experienced, skilled staff to fill these positions.

The drive to solve the UK’s housing shortage, which David Cameron has previously labelled as a “crusade”, has suffered a blow due to the lack of reliable employees who know what they are doing. Although the industry is growing, it cannot grow at the speed required to meet the demands of the government and maintain the high-quality of workmanship which the professional construction industry adheres to.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has been vocal in their complaints that the issues didn’t look to be resolving itself any time soon. Instead, the issues seemed to be growing rather than necessarily improving.

The New Workforce

One of the major issues for this shortage is that thousands of top labourers and builders, who lost their jobs after the recession started to impact the construction industry, decided to move abroad to find work and have not been tempted to return. It seems that many people in the government expected apprenticeships and similar schemes to help plug the gaps in the industry, but apprentices aren’t proving as valuable to the industry as had been hoped.

A report by Randstand Construction, Property & Engineering said that there was a need for 100,000 carpenters 89,000 plumbing specialists and 27,000 professional bricklayers. The same study calculated that there were only a few less than a million professionals already involved in the construction industry, aiming to build 148,000 new homes over the course of this year.

The managing director of Randstand Construction, Property & Engineering, Owen Goodhead, said that “Doubling the rate of house building will mean, at least, doubling the workforce involved too.” He went on to say that “The housing crisis is a skills crisis too. That means a practical challenge for workers as much as it is a conceptual issue for politicians.”

Dealing With The Waste Of Construction, With Commercial Skip Hire

When it comes to building anything, everyone involved will understand that it is a matter of making certain that you have the right tools for the right job. Commercial skip hire is essential to ensure that the construction industry is able to move towards the government’s targets. It is no wonder that only the most professional and reliable commercial skip hire companies will be able to benefit from the rapid growth in house-building across the UK.

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