The EU Sets Sights On 70 Percent Recycling Target
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The EU Sets Sights On 70 Percent Recycling Target

posted in News by Skippy on 12:10 Feb 6th, 2015

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The link between economies and recycling continues to grow stronger in the 21st century. Recently, the EU announced that it has set its sights on all member states recycling or reusing 70% of their waste by 2030. This is due to an attempt by the EU to move away from “linear economies” towards circular models. With an increased drive on reusing or repurposing all forms of waste, plasterboard recycling, and other forms of renewable commercial waste disposal, just got all the more important!

How Can The Recycling Of Waste Lead To Economic Gains?

You may be asking yourself how plasterboard recycling, and the repurposing of commercial waste, can contribute to a shift in European economic trends. The answer is actually a lot simpler than you may first think!

So, the EU is currently what’s known as a “linear economy”. This essentially means people buy and use things, whether it’s a plastic bottle of juice through to big construction materials. Once they’ve served their purpose, the materials or item in question is then thrown away and not reused. The motto of a linear economy is “make, use, dispose.” The economic model has been called outdated and a product of the 19 th century.

Conversely, a circular economy is focussed on, you guessed it, recycling and reusing materials. The idea is to keep resources in use for as long as possible. Once the maximum value of them has been extracted in use, these resources are then recovered and regenerated and the end of each service life.

What Are The Benefits Of A Circular Economy?

Well, the big benefit, of course, is the fact that a dramatic reduction in waste, both commercial and domestic, will be seen. This has big benefits for the UK and the EU as a whole as the creation and sourcing of new resources can be extremely damaging for the environment.

This is also a big economic project too. The European Commission has stated that the shift away from linear economics to circular will create 580,000 new jobs as new facilities and processing plants will be required. It is hoped that the costs associated with sourcing, extracting and refining new raw resources will be greatly diminished as well.

These new proposals are essentially set to target improving resource management efficiency in the European Union. By utilising innovative design, better performing and more durable products and production processes, forward-looking business models and technical advances, the overall goal is to improve the efficiency of raw material consumption by 2030.

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