SWMP Law Revoked In The UK
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SWMP Law Revoked In The UK

posted in News by Skippy on 12:32 Oct 24th, 2013

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The English government announced the repeal of the Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) regulations, which was implemented on the 1st of December. This was initiated by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). 

An initiative by Defra was put in motion to ensure that the implications of the law’s repeal were fully understood. This was followed by the “Consultation on Proposed repeal of construction Site Waste Management Plans Regulations (2008)”. 
Defra Consults Businesses On SWMP Plan Regulations Repeal
The consultations led by Defra were launched in June, with the goal of finding out opinions on SWMP regulations, from local authorities and trade bodies in the construction and environment sector. This was carried out in order to discover whether the SWMP regulations should be revoked and what the effect of this would be. Discussions also look at the potential continuation of the Site Waste Management Plan in a different form after the revocation. 
Following the consultations the decision was made to revoke the regulations in order to reduce the regulatory burden on the industry. The repeal means that it is no longer compulsory for businesses to have an SWMP. As it is no longer compulsory, this gives companies the opportunity to assess their waste management and costs against the implementation of the plan.
The responses to the repeal of the SWMP regulations were mixed, as the percentage of those in favour was almost equal to that of those who were not in favour. However, the majority of the respondents who expressed their views also indicated that they intend to use Site Waste Management Plans despite the revocation of the regulations. This would seem to confirm that the SWMP processes are now a part of the construction industry, and will be continued to be used despite the repeal. 
However, the revocation of the Site Waste Management Plan regulations has been opposed by Wales, who viewed the repeal as potentially confusing. The government of Wales launched a Construction and Demolition sector plan last November, which proposed mandatory SWMPs in order to help all parties involved to improve their waste management practices. 
SWMP Waste Management And Handling With Skippy
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