New Contractor Trade Body Named Build UK
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New Contractor Trade Body Named Build UK

posted in News by Skippy on 12:19 Jul 15th, 2015

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Two of the UK’s biggest building contractor trade bodies are set to merge together into a new single trade body named ‘Build UK’, which aims to represent the interests of both main contractors and specialist contractors from all over Britain.

UK Contracting Trade Bodies Merge Together

The new group has been established after a merger between the National Specialist Contractors Council and the UK Contractors Group. The move will create a body which speaks for almost all of the building and contracting supply chain, rather than having separate bodies with similar but slightly different interests.

NSCC and UKCG will formally vote to effect the merger in June and Build UK will be operational from 1 September, led by current NSCC Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol. Its members include the 28 contractors in the UKCG, containing nearly all of the biggest companies from the industry.

Alongside them will be 33 trade associations from the NSCC and 7 major trade bodies, who are already associate members of UKCG. Thanks to the inclusion of different sides as well as areas of the construction industry, the new body will be the most comprehensive ever formed.

The only areas of the industry which will still be outside of the new body are lift makers, smaller builders and civil engineering contractors. Build UK will be chaired by Kevin Louch, presently NSCC President and James Wates, the current UKCG Chairman.

Louch said: “I believe that by sitting around the same table we will be able to have honest conversations about how projects can be delivered more effectively and Build UK offers the definite prospect of addressing major industry issues such as pre-qualification, skills and of course payment.”

Wates said: “This is a huge step forward for the supply chain and, while there are some undeniable anxieties about how Build UK will function, all our discussions to date have been extremely positive.”

Similar attempts to create a unified trade body have been tried before; however these always stumbled because of payment issues. Build UK will give the industry a stronger voice when in dialogue with the government and ultimately aid the progression and development of Britain’s construction industry.

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