How Changes In The Construction Industry Will Affect Your Business In 2015
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How Changes In The Construction Industry Will Affect Your Business In 2015

posted in News by Skippy on 12:14 Jun 16th, 2015

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Business is starting to boom again in the UK. For the thousands of companies who work in the construction industry, this couldn’t come soon enough. It has suffered considerably during the financial troubles of the last 6 years, as money and a lack of confidence caused rapid decline.

Waking Up From The Cold

Now as 2015 progresses companies are finding their order books filling up fast. While this will be welcome news to all, the fast rise in work has brought about a new set of problems to deal with including scarcity of materials, a lack of skilled workers and price rises.

As public debate goes on around the election and its fallout, the issue of housing has been one of the most discussed. It’s no secret that the UK needs considerable amounts of new housing, so it’s no surprise that this has been one of the biggest growing areas of the industry over the last few months.

On a national scale, construction companies are saying they are finding it difficult to keep track of the flow of materials going to their sites. This means thatas the demand increases, prices quickly follow suit. Not only are prices going up by more than 20 percent in some areas, but there is also a shortage of bricks, with some builders being warned they could be waiting up to a year for their supply.

“There is a constant shortage of supply and the further north you go, the worse the problem becomes. Most manufacturers have closed their order books this year and are on 40 weeks order time.” – Calum Currie, Manager of brick supplier Bricklink.

Even those who have sourced the bricks and other materials they need still have problems. Many are finding that there is a serious lack of labour when it comes to brick laying and other skills needed to build houses, as the tradesmen capable were all forced to find other work when the building opportunities diminished.

Fortunately these problems can be sorted with careful planning, and offer much more opportunity than was available even just a year ago. The work is there now, the construction management, workers and suppliers now need to get back to where they were back in 2008 and get back up to speed.

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