Housing Minister Wants To Build One Million Homes By 2020
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Housing Minister Wants To Build One Million Homes By 2020

posted in News by Skippy on 12:23 Oct 19th, 2015

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The government has pledged to build one million new homes by 2020 in the attempt to reverse the ‘decades-old deficit’ on housing. The National Housing Federation statistics show that 974,000 new houses needed to be built between 2011 and 2014, but figures show that from 326 councils just 457,490 were constructed.

Government Pledges New Housing Developments

The federation says that around 245,000 new homes are required each year in England alone. Gill Payne, director of policy and external affairs, said: “In some areas, there is a drastic shortage causing prices to soar, putting homes out of the reach of many people.

“Families and young people across the country are crying out for genuinely affordable homes so they can put roots down and achieve their dreams of owning a home. Skyrocketing rents and ballooning house prices are eating up more and more of people's wages and forcing people out of their local communities or into smaller, lower quality housing.”

A variety of factors are to blame for the problem including long waiting times for planning procedures, funding issues and developers who are sitting on large areas of land instead of building on it.

Gill added: “We haven't built enough homes in this country for decades, and if the gap between the number of households forming and the number of new homes being built continues to grow, we are in danger of not being able to house our children.”

This is not the first time the government has attempted to make house building easier; in 2012 it introduced changes to the National Planning Policy Framework which were designed to make the planning process faster and more simplified. However critics argue that the change has also made it easier for “inappropriate and unwanted” developments to progress.

Causes vary in different areas of the country, but a universal problem came after the 2008 recession which left the entire building industry out of work. Only in the last year or two has this returned back to the levels seen before any financial trouble.

Schemes such as the governments Help To Buy are helping restore confidence in the industry and encourage developers to invest money as they can be sure that their builds will be sold.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of housing charity Shelter, said: “We are past the time for another grand statement of ambition. To give ordinary families back the hope of a stable home, we need to see investment and a comprehensive plan that can actually get these homes built.”

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