How Will George Osbournes Northern Powerhouse Affect the Building Industry?
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How Will George Osbournes Northern Powerhouse Affect the Building Industry?

posted in News by Skippy on 12:15 Jul 9th, 2015

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In the UK our building industry is one of the biggest and most influential of all our industries, capable of affecting other industries and acts as a reliable indicator of the status of our recovering economy.

Because of this economists and other experts look towards the building industry to estimate what lies around the corner, so when the chancellor announced that he wants to help create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’, many people wonder what this will mean for them and the industry they work in.

Creating The UK’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’

The difference between the economies of North and South has existed for many years, however many believe that it has changed considerably more in recent years as more and more money is invested in and around London. Decline in the North has been put down to a variety of reasons, but essentially the imbalance of population and money has always been at the centre.

The idea of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has been a political ambition for many years; however nobody has managed to articulate it effectively until now. George Osbourne has put his reputation on the line by making it a personal ambition, meaning in 5 years time he will either be judged a success or failure, something which could affect the rest of his political career.

For the building industry the plans to invigorate the North can only be received in a positive light, potentially filtering down across many areas and benefit many companies providing everything from building materials, labour or nationwide skip hire.

The growth should see rising rates and increased demand for construction projects, giving the industry as a whole the vital injection it needs to get back to where it was around a decade ago. The government’s plan to increase demand can only lead to profits and growth; it just has to be done in an efficient and sustainable way.

Nobody knows whether George Osbourne’s plans will have any success, particularly as it has been tried and failed in the past. However with a majority government which must continue to encourage an economic recovery around the country, with London starting to boom already, it makes sense for major development and investment in the North. Many workers and leaders within the industry simply hope that these plans can move forward as quickly as possible so they can get on with building.

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