Brexit And Your Business' Waste
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Brexit And Your Business' Waste

posted in News by Skippy Nationwide on 13:37 Feb 20th, 2017

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Over six months ago the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Now in February 2017, article 50 has not yet been triggered. The current deadline is March 31st which is only a few weeks away. Many industries are uncertain of their future outside of the European Union. For some this is a happy time, with many possibilities to eagerly look forward to, for others, the unknown nature of our departure from the EU is a cause for concern. Many questions are being asked and many have been asked about various industries, but there isn’t much discussion regarding an industry that affects many businesses across the country. What does Brexit mean for commercial waste collection?

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Waste Legislation; Where Does It Come From?

A portion of waste laws and regulations in the United Kingdom come from EU laws and regulations. In the event that we fully leave the European Union and all EU laws cease to apply. The UK will have to decide if we transfer the current EU laws and regulations into British law, or if those laws and regulations will no longer apply.

This makes many people confused, and some people worried. Whilst some see a reduction in regulation as a reduction in ‘red tape’ and as such a great business opportunity, others see potential danger. If the regulations are reduced or removed, some fear that there will be an increase in several environmentally destructive practices such as the use of fossil fuels and sending waste to landfill. However, people on the other side of the fence argue that the UK is an environmentally conscious nation, who cares deeply about our environment and we will likely continue to be environmentally conscious after Brexit.

However, nobody truly knows what the future will hold, so whatever Brexit happens; hard, soft, blue, green, yellow or whatever. The only thing we can do is comply by current legislation and wait for more information after article 50 is triggered.

What Legislation Currently Applies In The United Kingdom?

Commercial waste disposal through a commercial waste collection service from a reputable waste disposal business is a good way to dispose of the waste produced by your business in a legally compliant manner.

Numerous pieces of legislation and numerous regulations apply to commercial waste collection. For example: WEEE regulations , Hazardous Waste regulations , The Waste regulations and EU Waste Legislation .

With so many different pieces of legislation and regulation to consider, it can be very difficult for businesses and individuals to understand all of this important information. As such, Skippy Nationwide has a very helpful waste legislation guide ; including key pieces of information to give you a simplified understanding of the core principles of the legislation and regulations.

Waste Legislation; Can We Prepare For The Future?

Whilst it is impossible to predict the future and prepare for every possible eventuality with 100% accuracy. We can hypothesise various scenarios and as we move into the future and receive more information, we can adjust our plans.

For example, we the UK could remain a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). If this were the case, the EU waste directives would continue to apply and the UK would still have access to the single market, however the UK could not have any influence on EU law.
However if the UK decides to leave the EU all together, what many refer to as a ‘hard Brexit’. EU law would cease to apply, this would allow the UK to either transform EU law into British law, or decide on its own waste laws and waste regulations; these could be similar, more lenient or stricter than the EU law. If you would like more information regarding waste legislation and Brexit from an expert in waste law, you can read this article written by Angus Evers .

Why Should You Choose Skippy Nationwide For Commercial Waste Collection Services?

One way your business can prepare for Brexit is to choose a reputable waste management company for your commercial waste collection needs. With a reputable company, you can take advantage of their vast waste disposal knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience is very important for an uncertain future.

Skippy Nationwide is one of the United Kingdom’s leading waste disposal companies. Our waste management experts are able to provide cost-effective professional waste disposal solutions to numerous locations all over the country. Our services enable you to manage your waste in a swift and responsible manner through our many commercial waste collection services.

We can handle numerous different types of waste, managing multiple waste streams under one roof. Giving your business a simple way to manage your business’s waste. We can organise the disposal of this waste through our many commercial waste collection services, such as:

Why go through all the hassle of moving from business to business with one company managing your recyclables, one company managing your general waste and one company managing your skip/container hire. Simplify your waste management with a phone call to Skippy Nationwide and organise a comprehensive and cost-effective waste management solution for your business.

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