Van And Driver Hire Just Makes Sense
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Van And Driver Hire Just Makes Sense

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 08:43 May 22nd, 2013

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Different situations have different requirements when it comes to the equipment that you use. This may sound obvious but clients often come to us wanting a small skip for the work that needs to be carried out when in actual fact our van and driver hire service would be better for them. Depending on the job in hand, our van and driver hire can be much more efficient, hassle free and can even save you money.


Small skip hire is a fantastic solution when needing to clear out or even demolish a relatively small construction, such as a shed, as it can often take time to demolish and can sometimes be tricky. This usually means that you need to apply to get a permit to keep the small skip, which adds more time onto the job. There are other times when the work could be completed quickly with the help of another pair of extra hands for loading and disposal of the material. With a man and van hire it eliminates the need for a permit and is ideal for a site that has limited access. Safety is also much improved as vehicles are not left on site over night as opposed to a skip and can easily be moved if necessary.

Man and van hire is of course not ideal for every job but the clients who have used this service have immediately seen the benefits. For more information about the Man and Van hire service then please call one of our skip hire team.

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