The Vital Case For Data On Waste
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The Vital Case For Data On Waste

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:25 Nov 4th, 2015

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Experts inside the waste and recycling industry have said that the UK needs to adopt a better approach to collecting and translating data if it is to successfully move towards a circular model. They argue that doing this will help us create a comprehensive understanding of the materials that flow through our economy, giving us the ability to monitor and control what is being produced and where it ends up.

Why Do Waste Experts Need More Data?

They say that better data will help both the existing waste and manufacturing sectors, as well as the small businesses and entrepreneurs who are creating start-ups which extract value from less common waste streams. Another benefit of collecting more data is tackling waste crime, which according to a recent report by the Environmental Services Association is costing the UK over £500 million a year.

Data would help tackle this growing problem by limiting the potential for fly-tipping and illegal exports, as everything will be monitored much more regularly. This will allow discrepancies to be discovered much more and be questioned by those who are responsible for it. It could also be used to help businesses of all sizes to monitor their waste streams and encourage them to recycle more.

However some have said that implementing a system to do this would be difficult in the public sector, compared with the public sector which is able to introduce a data collection system much more easily. This is because businesses are deterred from openly reporting their waste arisings because of commercial confidentially and the potential to damage public and corporate relations.

On an internal level though, many companies are discovering the financial benefits which come with improved recycling rates. This is happening across who huge range of industries in different ways, such as new IT systems in manufacturing facilities to track how many resources are used.

On an individual company basis waste data collection is improving rapidly, but there is no centralised body to bring it altogether to create data for large areas or entire countries. Without this waste and recycling companies will never be able to create the circular economy they are aiming to establish.

Currently steps are being made in the right direction, as stakeholders hope for a clear commitment to improve waste data. The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report “Growing a circular economy: Ending the throwaway society” found that “a lack of detailed information about waste materials is a significant barrier to companies making informed decisions about where to prioritise investments and to be able to match end-of-life materials with markets.”

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