The Importance Of Building Environmentally Friendly Houses
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The Importance Of Building Environmentally Friendly Houses

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:23 Sep 17th, 2015

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It has been over 30 years since the world began to form an understanding of the world’s environmental problems and how our actions are going to have a negative impact on the future of our planet. However despite this, one big question which has been too often overlooked is why don’t we build in a more environmentally friendly way?

How Can We Create Sustainable Buildings?

This has been a common topic of discussion for people across the world, from building designers to environmentalists and politicians. Never before have we known the long-term effects of where we build, which materials we use and the manner in which we produce and use them.

All of these have big ramifications for the future we all imagine, where electricity replaces fossil fuels and all buildings are created in a completely sustainable way. The goals are now well established, which now leaves the much harder part – making them happen in the real world.

“I think when designing we should not lose the context and purpose of our existence. We are all designing as if there is no tomorrow and consuming as if ours is the last generation on the planet,” Delhi-based architect Akshay Kaul rued while speaking to IANS.

His comments are based on observations he has made in India over the last two years, where increasing amounts of glass have been used in buildings and their facades which are prioritising design over sustainable thinking.

“Glass came in fashion in colder European countries as it allowed more sunlight and helped keep buildings warm. In warmer countries such as India, excessive use of glass increases energy demand of the building as it radiates a lot of heat,” K.T. Ravindran, dean of the School of Planning and Architecture here, told IANS.

“Glass affects a building's environment as well as the environment outside by radiating heat," said Ravindran, former chairman of the Delhi Urban Art Commission, adding: "People are doing it because they think it is in vogue.”

The drive towards greener buildings has gained considerable momentum over the last decade, with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the group responsible for certifying new buildings sustainability, claiming that over 3.6 billion square feet or 69,000 buildings have so far been certified in 150 countries.

The sustainability of a building is judged by various aspects including how well its design minimises impact on the environment through reducing the use of energy and water. Other aspects such as environmental disturbance during its construction are also considered as well as the choice of building site.

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