The FAQs About Grab Lorry Hire Answered
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The FAQs About Grab Lorry Hire Answered

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:12 Mar 6th, 2015

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So you’ve got a big amount of waste that needs carrying away. You could arrange commercial skip hire to tackle this - possibly a roll on roll off skip. However, you could need multiple containers which could rack up quite a large bill. Avoid this with grab lorry hire from Skippy Nationwide!

Why Should You Consider Grab Lorry Hire For Your Commercial Waste?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a grab lorry to tackle all of your commercial waste worries. Below are some frequently asked questions to give you more of an idea as to the benefits of this service.

  • How Big Is A Grab Lorry? – Most trucks weigh in at about 16 tonnes, although the maximum authorised mass of a grab lorry is 32 tonnes. This means one can carry, legally, up to 16 tonnes of rubbish safely on roads. In terms of capacity, your average lorry can carry between 12 to 15 cubic meters of waste (depending on the type).
  • How Do They Work? – These are lorries or trucks with spacious containers perched on the back. Four, six and eight wheel models are common. A hydraulic arm is fitted to the truck which reaches down and lifts rubbish into the container. The arm can tackle any non-hazardous waste including rubbish created from construction work as well as inert waste such as that taken from large scale gardening projects.
  • What Kind Of Waste Can Be Handled By A Grab Lorry? – The grab lorries we have available to hire at Skippy Nationwide can handle inert garden waste, construction waste and rubble. Materials considered hazardous, i.e. asbestos, will require more specialised methods of collection. Contact us to learn more.
  • When Will It Arrive? – The beauty of our service is that it is based entirely around your requirements. As such, your lorry will arrive at a time and location to suit you. The driver will also collect it and carry your rubbish away at a pre-determined time which will have been arranged with you or your company.
  • How Long Does Loading The Lorry Take? – Typically no more than 15-30 minutes. If your waste has already been previously sorted into manageable piles, then you can help the process speed along quickly.
  • Do You Need Any Special Permits? – No. Unlike hiring a skip, where you could need special skip hire permits, depending on where the skip was due to sit, a grab lorry can simply roll up and roll away. Of course, clearing a suitably sized space for the lorry is necessary but it is a vehicle; it doesn’t need a permit to be on the road any more than a van or car does.

Once your waste has been collected, it will be taken to dedicated facilities processed and recycled as part of our grab lorry hire service. In fact, we aim to recycle as much as 95% of all the rubbish we collect.

Interested In Grab Lorry Hire? Call Us Today

As part of our goal of offering the utmost flexibility in our service at Skippy Nationwide, we’re proud to offer grab lorry hire. We use a network of trusted suppliers across the country so you can be afforded total peace of mind every step of the way.

To arrange hiring one of our lorries for your site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can give us a ring on 03333 218402 or send an email to to get a quote and make the most of our practical, affordable waste management solutions.

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