Manage Waste With Commercial Skip Hire
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Manage Waste With Commercial Skip Hire

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Claire Smith on 11:56 Mar 24th, 2014

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Construction, demolition and refurbishment waste accounts for around 32% of annual waste arisings in the UK. Approximately 100 million tonnes, it is estimated that only half of this waste is recycled . To effectively manage construction and demolition waste, consider the benefits of commercial skip hire to your business.

Strategically Manage Your Waste With Skip Hire

As a result of the high levels of waste generated by the construction industry, there is a need for companies to look at effective ways to divert waste from landfill and reduce the costs of waste management. By identifying alternative approaches to achieving waste targets, we can reduce associated landfill and waste costs.

In data collected by Smartstartfrom 23 housing projects, the average amount of waste produced across the construction sites totalled 19.2m3 per 100m2 floor areai.Applied to the average semi of 80m2, this equates to an average waste generation of 15.36m3 per house. Typically, a skip has a volume of 6.125m3, this means your will require approximately 5 skips to manage this waste responsibly. It is from here that you will require reliable commercial skip hire services.

Whilst the physical volume of construction waste produced is difficult to reduce, there are ways to reduce costs and improve the environmental impact your company will have. To ensure your waste is dealt with in a responsible manner, you will need to ensure your service provider can handle all waste types. The typical composition of construction waste includes:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Metals
  • Timber
  • Material classified as hazardous

To limit the associated costs of managing this waste, it is important to find a commercial skip hire company with sustainability in mind.

Why Choose Skippy Nationwide For Skip Hire?

At Skippy Nationwide we endeavour to provide commercial skip services that not only make waste management easier, but deal with construction waste in a reliable and sustainable way. Providing skip hire and SWMP services to improve waste efficiency, we promote the use of the waste hierarchy to handle your construction waste.

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Recover
  • Dispose

Catering to all your skip hire needs, our commercial skip services are used by construction companies all over the UK. We can provide all type and sizes of skips from mini skips, for small projects with limited access, to rear end and front end loaders, muckaways and more. Helping to effectively manage your construction waste, we can provide a cost effective alternative to landfill.

With over 25 years of experience in commercial skip hire and construction waste services, we can advise on the most effective skip solution for you. Committed to honest and fair dealings, our aim is to improve the environmental impact of commercial waste whilst providing businesses with cost effective solutions.

If you would like to book a skip or have any questions about our services, please call 03333 218402 or email


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