Keep Your Events Running Smoothly With Nationwide Skip Hire
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Keep Your Events Running Smoothly With Nationwide Skip Hire

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:06 Nov 10th, 2014

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If you're planning any size event, you'll want to make sure you've taken everything into account. After all, you want to take into account everything you'll need everything to run smoothly for your staff, organisers and visitors. Make getting rid of the waste generated with nationwide skip hire from Skippy Nationwide.

What Can Event Organisers Do To Improve Their Waste Management?

For those of us who have ever put on a large event, such as a festival or fete, you'll know how large the volume of rubbish generated is at the end. As such, there are some tips that planners can take into account when thinking about how this waste will be managed.

  • Allow the use of bio-degradable disposable cups and plates from food and drink stalls.
  • Set up separate areas for recycling.
  • Encourage the crowd to get involved by handing out recycling and rubbish bags, and offer incentives.
  • Take into account your potential environmental impact as well as health, safety and hygiene.
  • Utilise volunteers and potential sponsorships for the initial clean-up and recycling sorting efforts.
  • Sort recyclables from other forms of waste.
  • Identify any areas of hazardous waste and arrange a suitable service for disposal of these materials.
  • Be aware of any and all legislation and be prepared for it!
  • Potentially create sculptures from the waste – i.e. art work made from plastic bottles.
  • Hire the appropriate containers and rubbish disposal service with a reputable company.

The last point is where we at Skippy Nationwide can help you!

How Can We Help?

At Skippy Nationwide, we've been supplying skips and containers for massive range of businesses and applications. As such, we are well placed to help you improve your event's waste management with our nationwide skip hire service.

We offer a wide range of skips and containers that are ideal for handling the waste generated by festivals, concerts, fetes and so on. While there are some restrictions posed on what can be placed in our skips, we can offer a totally comprehensive service. We will be able to collect and dispose of any hazardous materials generated (except for sanitary waste).

We will be able to collect our skips at a time to suit you. We will recycle as much as of your waste as possible as well, creating a positive environmental impact for your event. To make this easier, please separate any recyclable and other inert materials before collection. Doing so, as mentioned above, will ensure that your waste has been managed in a responsible and green minded way.

As an event organiser, you have a duty of care to ensure that the rubbish created by any events you put on, so please make sure you're doing things the responsible way by choosing us as your suppliers of skip hire!

Nationwide Skip Hire From Skippy Nationwide

Skippy Nationwide is one of the leading nationwide skip hire companies in the country, supplying services to a substantial number of businesses around the UK with our staff always on hand on the other end of the phones with an in depth knowledge about all aspects of waste management and compliant disposal.

If you would like to arrange skip leasing for your event or have any questions about our services, please call 03333 218402 or email

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