Is Your Commercial Skip Hire Compliant?
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Is Your Commercial Skip Hire Compliant?

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Claire Smith on 11:57 Apr 4th, 2014

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Commercial skip hire is for businesses looking to dispose of  waste materials. Suitable for all manner of waste, skips can be used for construction, industrial and general waste purposes.

To ensure your waste is dealt with in a responsible manner, it is important to procure a reliable and compliant waste contractor. In cases where this is not achieved, untrustworthy waste companies can dispose of commercial waste in illicit and dangerous ways, causing harm to the environment and public health.

Appeal For Witnesses Following Waste Crimes

The Environment Agency is calling for witnesses to come forward following an ‘audacious’ crime whereby 3,000 cubic metres of waste was dumped at an empty warehouse in Bedfordshire.

In November of last year, criminals cut a lorry-sized hole into the side of a warehouse on the former Ecomold Site, in order to dump 3,000m3 of waste. The Environmental Crime Team Leader, Tracy Nash, appealed to anyone who may have handed over waste under the impression that it would have been disposed legally, asking them to come forward with evidence on this ‘callous’ crime. Nash said:“This is not a matter of small scale fly-tipping, this case appears to be intentional large scale avoidance of disposal costs” adding further that,  “This callous act has endangered the environment and had a costly impact for the land owner. It is vital that we identify where the waste came from and who transferred it to the warehouse. If an innocent party has handed it to a contractor for disposal in good faith then they won’t be in any trouble and may have critical information for us.”

How To Ensure Waste Is Disposed Of Properly

Illegal waste sites, which operate without any permits or safeguards, endanger not only the environment but public health as well. To ensure you commercial waste is disposed of in a compliant and responsible manner, employ reliable commercial skip hire services from Skippy Nationwide.

At Skippy we have over 20 years of experience in skip hire throughout the UK. Purveyors of quality commercial skip hire services, Skippy cater to all your commercial waste needs.  From same-day skip hire to national waste services, we endeavour to provide you with hassle-free, first class skip hire for your entire waste requirement.

For professional advice on the best skip for your business requirements, call our experts on 03333 218402 or email Book one of our skips today and benefit from complicit, trouble-free commercial waste disposal.

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