Half Of The UK's bulky Waste Could Be Kept Out Of Landfill
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Half Of The UK's bulky Waste Could Be Kept Out Of Landfill

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:29 Nov 9th, 2015

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A new study compiled by the RSA has found that up to half of the UK’s 1.6 million tones of large and bulky waste which ends up in landfill could be reused. This includes items such as sofas which could be reused through better labeling and changes to the product design.

Finding Ways To Increase Recycling Rates For Bulky Waste

The study titled Rearranging the Furniture found that companies which deal with recycling are forced to throw away up to 800,000 tonnes of furniture which cannot be used for other purposes due to restrictions which say that it cannot be given away if the fire safety labels have been removed.

It discovered that 80% of the environmental impact of the products we regularly use are built in at the concept design stage, showing how much improvement can be made simply by addressing how things are manufactured. It also found that just 32% of these products are deemed entirely reusable.

Britain currently recycles 42% of the 200 million tonnes of waste it creates each year. Figures generated by WRAP show that 42% of bulky waste is furniture, with most of the rest comprising of textiles such as mattresses which made up 19%, and electronic waste which also made up 19%.

Charities now hope that with reliable figures gathered and the perceived problems out in the open, that real change can occur and help end the unnecessary amount of reusable waste which is discarded every year. However for change to happen, people from many different areas of the waste and recycling world need to come together to devise an effective strategy.

Chief executive of the Furniture Re-use Network Craig Anderson said: “We’ve all seen, heard or read about those few really good and impactful reuse activities at waste sites but I often wonder what’s stopping all local authorities working on reuse. Authorities who hold the keys to the gates to grant access to reusable furniture are guided and restrained by recycling markets and targets, when we need them involved in the reuse chain.

Construction Waste Management

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