Construction Industry Looks To Renewable Energy And Sustainability
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Construction Industry Looks To Renewable Energy And Sustainability

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:28 Nov 5th, 2015

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Businesses in every industry are discovering the benefits of addressing their sustainability and looking at how they can use renewable energy and other environmental technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a PR boost for the company. This has now spread to construction companies, who are looking at adopting renewable building practices.

Encouraging Sustainability In The Building Industry

Construction is an industry which has the most potential for improving its practices, from the production of materials to the building process itself, making it one of the biggest consumers of energy. With commercial buildings the way they are designed also has a huge effect on its future use, with around 90% of all energy used during the lifespan of a building goes to its operation and utilities.

To address the problem new building practices are being developed to help reduce the amount of energy used and improve sustainability.

Energy Efficient Designs

Right from the architect’s first ideas, energy efficiency must be part of the design process to ensure that every new building has sustainability in mind. This includes elements such as the materials used and the systems used for utilities.

There is now a whole range of building automation available from solar panels through to HVAC systems which are designed to control heating, air conditioning alongside controls for lighting and other elements of the building which consume energy.

Low Impact Building Materials

Changing the materials used in a building to ones which are low impact and sourced as close to the project can save considerable energy from both the production process to create them as well as the infrastructure that’s needed to transport them across a long distance.

Over recent years whole companies have been created which aim to devise new building designs and materials which focus on sustainability. This includes homes which can be put together quickly using pre-made pieces, as well as bricks and other materials which are produced in a more eco-friendly way.

Updated Building Standards

As the industry changes, so does the standards and regulation which come with it. All over the world sustainable building standards are being introduced which offer incentives for following their ethical building materials and practices.

It is hoped that by addressing these problems now and creating the right standards for the future, we will be able to produce homes which save energy to help the environment and save money.

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