5 Ways Construction Companies Are Reaching Their Social Responsibility Goals
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5 Ways Construction Companies Are Reaching Their Social Responsibility Goals

posted in Nationwide Skip Hire by Skippy on 12:13 Apr 13th, 2015

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The construction industry in the UK has evolved considerably over the decade, with many companies coming under pressure to take action against unsustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. This is because the industry is one of the highest consumers of energy, with construction and operation of buildings accounting for around half of the UK’s CO2 emissions. Skippy works with hundreds of companies around the country providing reliable commercial skip hire.

Construction Industry Takes Action Against Poor Sustainability

Since more robust regulations have come into effect regarding environment concerns, building companies have started taking their corporate social responsibility (CSR) much more seriously.

  1. Contractors now have an obligation to introduce any new technology which could help make their business more eco-friendly over the long term, and also look at how their processes could be improved. Here are 5 methods they are using:
  2. Eco Friendly Cranes – Cranes are a vital tool for most construction companies, particularly the larger ones. Many are now using electric powered cranes which do not require fuel to operate and can be turned on and off preventing any wasted energy when they’re not in use. Before cranes would often be powered up in the morning and left on all day no matter how much they were being used. But new practices have helped save considerable energy from being wasted.
  3. Welfare Facilities – Construction companies are required by law to provide adequate welfare facilities for their staff and any sub-contractors who are working on any of their sites. Anything below the expected standard will result in a failure to meet CSR goals. Many companies have developed break areas which are build in an eco-friendly way with effective insulation, LED lighting and other energy saving features.
  4. Waste Management – Around 10 million tonnes of construction products and materials are wasted every year, costing a staggering £1.5 billion. Businesses have been working hard to reduce the amount they waste and finding ways to recycle any material they don’t need. Back in 2008 the government introduced Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) for projects costing in excess of £300,000, aimed at finding ways in which construction companies can identify potential cost savings and energy reduction measures.
  5. Green Fleets – With the eco-friendly car and van market just beginning to take root, a few pioneers have already started changing their fleets for electric vehicles. As these are still in their infancy and no large scale commercial electric vans or lorries are currently available, making this is a more long term sustainability goal which will be achieved over the next decade.
  6. Streamlined Process – Companies have been assessing how efficient their current practices are and whether these have a positive impact on your staff and contractors. Any eco-based changes need to offer maximum protection to all employees, whether it is a process, personnel change or a technological innovation.

Commercial Skip Hire From Skippy Nationwide

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