What Are The Benefits Of Grab Lorry Hire?
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What Are The Benefits Of Grab Lorry Hire?

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:06 Oct 20th, 2014

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Anyone working for a construction company will understand just how much waste is produced on a site and the difficulties which can arise from trying to dispose of it. But with a grab lorry you can give your site a removal system which gives you ultimate flexibility.

Why Would I Choose Grab Lorry Hire?

The most common option for site waste management is to hire a skip, which can be used to store waste until it is disposed of properly.But this can cause unexpected issues as skips are very large and heavy which makes them difficult to move. As well as this any skip placed on a public road must have a permit from the council, adding time and money to your job.

The easiest and most convenient solution is to take out grab lorry hire. This way the waste management firm will come and collect all of your waste from the site without needing a permit or vacant driveway for skip storage.

A grab lorry offers a completely mobile waste management solution which gives you much more flexibility than you would get with a skip. It is essentially a lorry which has a container on the back of it and a large grab hand which is used to pick up the waste and place it inside. Grab lorries can be used to pick up almost any type of waste including building and garden.

The grab system uses a hydraulic arm and grab bucket, which allows it to collect and take-away large amounts of waste. The average grab lorry can fit over twice the amount of waste as two skips.

Reasons to choose a grab lorry over skip hire include:

  • You never need to lift waste into a skip
  • No worrying about what sized skip you need
  • Waste is taken on and off site with no hassle
  • No street permit is required

Grab lorry hire offers a simple and easy solution for handling your waste which doesn’t take up large areas of space or effort to move. It can be delivered and picked up at times which are convenient for you.. They are particularly useful to small construction sites which have limited access as they can be moved around as needed, preventing any skips from blocking the entrance.

Grab Lorry Hire From Skippy Nationwide

At Skippy Nationwide we provide cost-effective grab lorry hire which gives you ultimate flexibility. Using our network of trusted service providers, we will locate local grab lorry hire to ensure a fast and effective collection.

To order grab lorry hire for your site call today on 03333 218402 or email sales@skippy.co.uk

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