Waste Disposal for the Construction Industry
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Waste Disposal for the Construction Industry

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 15:59 May 22nd, 2013

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The construction industry has many different types of legislation to adhere to. Each piece of legislation is designed to create better environmental conditions and can even save the construction company money during the build. Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) were introduced as a legal requirement back in April 2008 to provide a framework for waste disposal and waste management throughout the building process, including detailed environmental reporting. The SWMP, on the face of it, just looks like another piece of legislation that takes up time and costs more money providing very little benefit to the company. This certainly isn’t the case as there are many positives.
Site Waste Management Plans will ensure that your commercial waste disposal is carried out compliantly with minimal environmental impact. This can save your construction company money and hassle as waste disposal is an increasingly complex service which if it is not compliant with all legislation can lead to a substantial fine and will slow down the progression of the project. Environmental performance is also considered, which can often give your business a fantastic advantage when trying to bid for new business. With fierce competition in the construction industry, any advantage gained over competitors is a huge benefit. With so many businesses looking at their own environmental impact, and the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility, the gains made by creating an accurate SWMP take on even greater significance.
For more information on all of the Skippy Nationwide waste disposal and collection services, including assistance with SWMP Plans, please contact our experienced team.

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