Tougher Powers For The Crackdown On Waste Crime!
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Tougher Powers For The Crackdown On Waste Crime!

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:31 Dec 16th, 2015

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On October the 30th, new powers came into effect that have made it much easier for police and Environment Agency forces to fight the ever-growing threat of waste crime. The goal of these new powers is to effectively improve the crackdown on waste crime, with the goal of creating cleaner communities and protecting our natural environment. As a side note, they are also working to improve awareness around the threat of waste crime, and the ways that it can actually damage of those who live nearby.

How Will These New Powers Help In The Fight Against Waste Crime?

The legislative amendments have helped to speed up the process of prosecutions for rogue waste-site operators, which has made it much easier to take action against those who were breaking the law.

The UK government began the major crackdown on waste crime after it emerged that this one criminal industry cost the UK economy as much as £568 million a year, and is guilty for diverting as much as £1 billion from legal businesses and waste management operations.

From the 30th October, waste operators that are found to be in breach of regulations will have their permits suspended. Regulators will also be able to apply for an injunction to actually enforce these suspension notices as well.

There Are Still More Powers On Their Way!

Along with these new powers to crackdown on illegal waste dumping or management, 2016 will also see the introduction of fixed penalty notices for smaller scale fly-tipping. This will give smaller, local authorities an alternative to a lengthy and costly prosecution, and can instead allow them to instantly punish those they find breaking the law.

These changes are designed to protect members of the public from the threats associated with waste crime, including environmental damage, the risk of pest infestations and harmful chemicals and materials. These changes also require site operators to display signs explaining that waste cannot be brought onto the site in question.

Gillian Pratt, the Acting Director of Regulated Industry at the Environment Agency, said that “We welcome to strengthened powers that come into effect today. They will allow us to take faster and even tougher actions against waste criminals.”

She went on to say that, in the event of an operator breaching their permit, the Environment Agency would be able to “act more swiftly than before to bring them back into compliance”, warning that offenders may face “suspension or legal action”.

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