Manage Your Construction Waste With A SWMP
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Manage Your Construction Waste With A SWMP

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 11:20 Dec 6th, 2013

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Skippy Nationwide has been in the business since 1989, helping some of the UK’s largest companies manage their waste disposal with reliable skip hire services and collections. Taking into consideration rising failures to comply with waste management regulations, Skippy Nationwide aims to educate and draw attention to the concept of a Site Waste Management Plan, which will not only greatly benefit your project but also save money for your business.

Why You Need SWMP?

The 3 main goals of a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) are:

  1. Efficiency and profitability . Instead of disposing, it promotes recycling and recovery of waste.
  2. Reduce fly tipping . Keeping track of sites and making sure all removed waste is compliant with waste duty of care regulations.
  3. Increasing environmental awareness of workforce and management . You have to train and educate your employees. By doing so you will most likely improve your environmental management performance.

A SWMP is started before beginning the construction process. Here you will create an estimate of the quantity and type of waste your site might produce. After the project begins and waste is being removed, you will be required to make a record of the type and quantity of waste removed from the site and where it is being sent to. At the end of your project, reports will have to be created to ensure that your waste has been responsible managed and disposed off.

How Can Your Project Become More Profitable With A SWMP?

About 10 per cent of any construction budget is assigned to waste management (for example: £50,000 on a project worth £500,000). Even though you are no longer legally required to complete a Site Waste Management Plan, it is advisable as it will help you to save you money on landfill costs, maximise re-use or recycling, and prevent unnecessary construction waste being sent to landfill. If your site is dealing with hazardous waste, it will also help ensure that you have traceable records of where you waste and been sent to.

SWMP – More Profitable Than Disposal?

It is estimated that annually the construction industry in England and Wales produces approximately 80 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste. 31 per cent of that waste goes to landfill (25 million tonnes)[i]. The revised Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) requires the UK to implement waste prevention plans, such as the SWMP, to reuse and recycle 70% of construction and demolition waste by 2020.

Skippy Nationwide Your Reliable Partner In Waste Management

If you want a reliable partner that will efficiently manage your waste, Skippy Nationwide is at your service. We have been up and running for more than 23 years and have had the pleasure working with some of the biggest companies in the UK. We deliver on everything that we promise - just check out some of our customer reviews if you don’t believe us.

We can help make your waste management more efficient, enabling you to run your business more effectively. We can take a load off your shoulders by providing services compliant with the Environment Agency regulations. Talk to one of our team today to find out more.

Want to learn more about efficient waste management and SWMP? Please email:

or call: 03333 218402.

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