Innovations Which Are Changing How We Deal With Waste
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Innovations Which Are Changing How We Deal With Waste

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:10 Jan 21st, 2015

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As waste management slowly grabs more attention in the political as well as environmental world, people within the industry have been responding to the problems which are challenging our society. These are some of the ideas that have changed our industry over the past few years, and given us potential answers to global problems.

Anaerobic Digestion

This was developed in response to the problem of dealing with biowaste, which is produced from the waste at landfill sites. It’s essentially a series of natural biological processes where organic waste material is broken down in an oxygen free environment by micro-organisms and converted into energy, known as biogas.

Anaerobic digestion is regarded as one of the most innovative and useful developments in regards to waste in recent years. Not only does it give us a large-scale solution to our organic waste but it allows us to turn the resulting gases into energy, effectively solving the problem whilst creating a new form of energy at the same time.

Waste To Energy

Waste to energy (WTE) refers to the process of using waste to directly produce energy, with no other process in-between. In the past it was hoped that this would provide the ultimate solution to our waste problems, but innovation remained behind our ambition. For years the process has involved simple incineration of waste, although this has never been seen as a sustainable option for the future.

However this has led to new forms of WTE to be produced such as gasification, pyrolysis, thermal depolymerization and plasma arc gasification which have been developed over recent years and are leading the way forward in this area. These new methods are much cleaner than the old method, and are also able to produce new energy.

Extended Producer Responsibility (WEEE)

The issue of electrical waste (WEEE) is one of the fastest growing due to the high levels of technology production and consumption in our tech hungry world. For years our outdated tech was being shipped to impoverished countries where it was left to rot, but schemes now in place are tackling the problem.

One way this has been done, aside from the WEEE directive itself, has been the introduction of extended producer responsibility, which takes finding effective ways to recycle electrical goods off of waste management companies and on to the producers themselves. This is an more sensible solution as manufacturers are able to recycle separate parts and use them to build new products of the same type, or help create a system to achieve this.

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