Improving MRFs For Commercial Waste Disposal
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Improving MRFs For Commercial Waste Disposal

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:42 Jun 5th, 2013

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In order to improve the recycling quality of commercial waste, DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) introduced the MRF (Material Recovery Facilities) code of practice.  This code of practice required all material recovery facilities to measure the quality of their inputs and outputs. 

Calls To Strengthen MRFs Code Of Practice For Commercial Waste Disposal

The Environmental Service Association, a trade association representing UK’s commercial waste disposal and management industry, identified the code of practice as not being strong enough and are calling for DEFRA to tighten the regulations. 
The ESA wishes for tougher enforcement of the regime and has called the Environmental Agency to take the lead role in regulating MRFs rather than allowing them to arrange their own annual audits as proposed by DEFRA.  ESA has also argued for tighter sampling regimes in order to drive up material quality.  They stated that if sampling data is going to be published at MRF level, then a comparable data should also be published by reprocessors. 
ESA is all set to see high standards across the MRF sector including, commercial waste disposal and management.

Remain Compliant With Commercial Waste Disposal Legislation

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