How To Successfully Manage Your Commercial Waste
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How To Successfully Manage Your Commercial Waste

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Claire Smith on 11:59 Apr 11th, 2014

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As you will be well aware, persons involved in the production and management of controlled waste are subject to the Environmental Protection Act. This imposes a ‘Duty of Care’ onto all parties involved in commercial waste management, treatment and disposal.

What Is Commercial Waste Management?

Commercial waste management covers all aspects of waste from production and collection, to treatment and disposal. Falling within your Duty of Care, successful waste management arranges compliant and responsible waste disposal or recycling services for waste produced on site.

For businesses looking to successfully manage their commercial waste, it is essential that they ensure that their waste is being managed by a responsible contractor such as ourselves. When procuring waste services ensure that:

  • Any contractor involved in the collection of your waste must a registered carrier of controlled waste. If not, you could put yourself at risk if the waste is not managed within the law.
  • Any contractor engaged in the treatment and transport of waste must also be a register carrier of waste.
  • It is important to ensure your waste is being sent to a licensed waste treatment facility.  An appropriate disposal or reprocessing facility will be covered by a Waste Management License issued by the Environment Agency.
  • A Waste Transfer Note should always be issued. This must contain an accurate description of the waste and be signed by both yourself and the waste management provider.

Manage Commercial Waste With An SWMP

Whilst a Site Waste Management Plan is no longer compulsory in England, it is still considered best practice when looking to successfully manage your business waste. Tracking the waste produced, disposal/ recycling method, and final destination, an SWMP can make commercial waste management easy.

The establishment of a good waste management practice will result in financial savings and ultimately reduce the impact you waste has on the environment. To ensure your business is complying with best practice, take a look at our top tips:

  • Nominate a waste manager for on site
  • Segregate waste as it occurs, to prevent double handling the waste and therefore saving on staff costs
  • Where possible, waste should be stored away from environmentally sensitive areas such as drains and water supplies.
  • Label skips clearly so that all your team are aware which waste type should be place in each skip.

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