Follow Building Regulations With A Valid SWMP
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Follow Building Regulations With A Valid SWMP

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 10:56 Jun 5th, 2013

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For construction projects worth over £300,000 SWMP’s, or site waste management plans, are an established legal requirement in the UK.
Following A Site Waste Management Plan
The aim of an SWMP is to manage the waste and resources that are created on a construction site. An integral part of building regulations,creating a site waste management plan will ensure that your company stays compliant and responsible.. Skippy can help you with any stage of your site waste management plan including, creating a plan from scratch, developing and supporting your existing plan. We will help you to identify best practice plans for your on site waste management, tailor this to fit with your business requirements, and then assist you in implementing and monitoring your SWMP.
Benefits From Expert Advice on SWMP’s
When you use  Skippy Nationwide for your site waste management plan, you will benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  At Skippy we will help you understand what is required from you for your SWMP. In partnership with Skippy you will benefit from:
  • A fully compliant plan to meet current building regulations.
  • Access to  ‘Smartwaste’ reporting
  • An understanding and reduction of waste disposal costs
  • Streamlined waste management and processes
  • Sustainable waste management programme.

At Skippy we will monitor all your construction waste, to ensure that you have all the correction documentation and licenses in place. We can create a range of detailed reports to make following your SWMP and legislation much easier. For more information about the services we provide contact Skippy on 03333 218402. 

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