Fines for Incorrect Hazardous Waste Disposal
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Fines for Incorrect Hazardous Waste Disposal

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 11:17 Oct 24th, 2013

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On the October 8th, two companies were fined for the illegal handling, storage and export of hazardous waste. Following an Environment Agency investigation, Chemson Ltd and the Empress Green Trading Company Ltd were sentenced in Bradford Crown Court. 

Companies Fined Thousands For Illegal Hazardous Waste Disposal
In September 2009, following complaints of dead fish in a pond fed by the River Ryburn, the Environment Agency discovered the illegal activities. The contamination was traced back to a discharge of foam on a site in Triangle near Halifax, where the disposal and storage of hazardous waste was found to be taking place without the proper environmental permits. The Agency investigated the site which resulted in the site operators being sentence on September 26th for illegal waste disposal. On October 8th2013, the court investigated those that were found to be in the trade that saw hazardous waste disposed of on the site. 
According to the Environment Agency the bags of waste found at the site were clearly labelled with “toxic”, “harmful to the aquatic environment” and “soluble lead compound”. After further investigation, these bags were found to be a hazardous granular waste which originated from Chemson Ltd – a PVC additives company. 
During the court case it was found that over a six-month period, between March and August 2009, Chemson Ltd delivered approximately 182 tonnes of lead-contaminated PVC waste to the aforementioned Triangle site. The court heard that the company had previously been paying £400 per tonne to a landfill site, but made a deal with Crystal Recycling for just £50 per tonne.  It was discovered that some of the waste was going to be shipped to Pakistan, even though the export of this material is prohibited, and it was also arranged that Chemson would send waste to Crystal Recycling, a deal brokered by The Empress Green Trading Company Ltd. 
Chemson Ltd was fined £18,000 for hazardous waste disposal without a permit, and ordered to pay £15,000 in legal fees. The Empress Green Trading Company Ltd was fined £8,000 for one charge of depositing controlled waste without a permit and one charge for the export of prohibited waste materials. They were also ordered to pays costs of £7,000. In total the two companies were fined £26,000. 
Make Sure That Your Waste Contractor Has The Correct Permits
The sentencing of the two companies further demonstrates that illegal activities will not be tolerated by the EA. Gail Gray, Environment Officer at the Environment Agency said “Companies who are involved in the trading of hazardous waste cannot operate without the appropriate legal permits being in place [...] Ignorance of the rules is not a justifiable excuse. 
The hazardous waste disposed of at the Triangle site posed a significant risk to both the environment and human health. This is why it is important to ensure that your waste contractor has the appropriate permits in place. Not only will this help you to fulfil your legal duty of care, but also ensure that the disposal of controlled waste is effectively monitored and maintained.  
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