European Commission Creates 70% Recycling Target And Landfill Ban Proposals
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European Commission Creates 70% Recycling Target And Landfill Ban Proposals

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:10 Jan 23rd, 2015

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Last year the European Commission unveiled a revised package of waste and recycling targets which they hope will accelerate Europe's transition into a circular economy. It hopes to boost the recycling of municipal solid waste to 70% by 2030 and ban the landfilling of recyclable material by 2025.

The EC Sets Sites On 70 Percent Recycling Target

Broken down into more detail, the EC’s 'Circular Economy Package' requires member states to recycle 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste by 2030. Along with a zero-waste-to-landfill policy for plastics, paper, metals, glass and bio-waste will be enforced in 2025, so that no more than 25% of waste generated is sent to landfill.

Specific recycling targets will gradually increase between 2020 and 2030 to reach 60% for plastics, 80% for wood, 90% of ferrous metal, aluminium and glass by the end of 2030; and 90% of paper by 2025. The commission believes that these new targets could create more than half a million new jobs in the waste management industry across the EU.

Speaking at the European Green Week in June, the Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik said: “European waste legislation has proven that it's working very well. The situation from year to year in each of the member states is changing for the better, but the difference between each member state is still huge and that's why it is really important that we work together to have the same vision.”

There has been a mixed response to the proposals in the UK since they were announced, with some organisations welcoming their ambition while others claim that they are insufficient and do not go far enough. Iain Gulland, director of Zero Waste Scotland, welcomed the plan saying: “I'd like to welcome this heightened ambition to advance a resource efficient economy across Europe. Scotland is already leading the way through its Zero Waste Plan, which in effect offers a 'blueprint' for many of these new proposals.”

He continued: “We're committed to maximising efficient resource use, and our comprehensive programme aims to help businesses and public sector organisations across Scotland to realise the benefits of this. We look forward to working with the Scottish Government and others to ensure the detail of the Commission's proposals support the outcomes we're working to achieve.”

The package also contains measures to simplify member states’ reporting obligations and reduce the administrative requirements on SMEs involved in waste management, as well as improving waste definitions and removing outdated legal requirements which are often blamed for the delays when action is slow.

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