EU Review Waste Management And Recycling Targets
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EU Review Waste Management And Recycling Targets

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 11:19 Dec 5th, 2013

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The European Commission has initiated the consultation procedure for The Targets Review Project. This process welcomes insights on waste management and recycling targets issues from various groups including:

  • Member of the public
  • Representatives of public authorities - MPs, regional or local authorities
  • Industries, non profit or academic organisations and all other stakeholders

The consultation phase of the project finished in September 2013, with the aim to find out whether there is a need to change the targets in accordance with the Commission’s objectives.

Waste Management Review Questionnaire

Sanctioned by DG Environment at the European Commission, the project asks stakeholders to submit their opinions about the following waste management targets:

  • Waste Framework Directive
  • Landfill Directive
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

The respondents were also asked to review the clauses set out in the above directives, with the potential of bringing these targets in line with the European Commission’s ambitions for resource efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases. These aspirations were outlined in The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (COM(2011)571), The Raw Material Initiative (COM(2008) and The Report on the Thematic Strategy on Waste Prevention and Recycling (COM(2011).

Stakeholders who took part in phase one reviewed the issues arising from existing targets such as those set in The Resource Efficiency Roadmap. Here the Commission set an aspirational target that by 2020 waste generation per capita would be in absolute decline, with reuse and recycling management at their maximum level. Stakeholders are also asked questions such as whether they agree that there should be separate targets for the preparation for reuse, what is their opinion about the growth of recycling rates or if they agree with the view that a maximum level should be set for the amount of waste that can be incinerated for different waste streams.

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