EA Consults On Changes To Waste Guidelines
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EA Consults On Changes To Waste Guidelines

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Claire Smith on 11:56 Feb 24th, 2014

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 Changes to the classification of packaging waste could come into effect as the Environment Agency reviews hazardous waste removal guidelines. 

Packaging Waste Could Fall Under Revised Hazardous Waste Removal Guidelines


The Environment Agency is consulting on changes to hazardous waste packaging guidelines which could see large amounts of used containers, including plastic bottles and Tetrapacks, fall under new hazardous waste guidelines. If the used containers have residue left in them, the Agency has advised that these would need to be dealt with by a licensed hazardous waste removal facility. 

The new rules on hazardous waste removal which were due to come into force on January 1 2014, have now been put on hold until April 1 2014. 

What Do The Revised Hazardous Waste Regulations Mean? 

Previously, hazardous waste classification for packaging was calculated on the basis of the weight of the empty container, giving consideration to the concentration of residual substance left in the packaging. These are compared to relevant thresholds. These weight-based classifications have been removed from the existing hazardous waste regulations after the official guidance was updated. 
The revised hazardous waste regulations will mean that packaging waste will have to be reclassified as hazardous, unless it can be proved that the container is free from residual product and the hazard has been removed. Reclassified packaging will also incur an Agency fee of £38 per collection, this includes the following:
  • Oil drums
  • Used sacks
  • Plastic barrels 
  • Liquid containers
Guidance on hazardous waste removal has been released by the Environment Agency along with a clarification letter which states the revised assessment is being implemented to “make the assessment simpler and more practical” adding that it is “based on the presence or absence of residues of each hazardous product”. The key changes have however received criticism from hazardous waste removal companies for adding ‘unnecessary red tape’ and ‘creating confusion’ when packaging waste is classified. 
Phil Pease, Chief Executive Office of the Industrial Packaging Association (IPA) said, “although regulations in the UK worked on a hazard basis rather than on a risk-assessed basis, the paragraph on weight-based calculations in the previous guidance had provided some flexibility over how packaging should be treated.” At present, the new guidance suggests that sites operating under an exemption, can longer accept hazardous waste. Mr Pease is working with the Agency to agree some key exemptions. 

Talk To Skippy Nationwide About Hazardous Waste Removal 

To avoid the confusion surrounding the classification of packaging, talk to Skippy Nationwide. We can advise on how best to dispose of your hazardous packaging material, ensuring that all our customers comply with the regulations, regardless of the final outcomes of the Environment Agency’s deliberations. 
For hazardous waste removal services, contact our team of experts on 03333 218402 or email sales@skippy.co.uk

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