Dispose Of Your Commercial Waste Effectively
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Dispose Of Your Commercial Waste Effectively

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 11:53 Jan 15th, 2014

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Adopting a clear and focused commercial waste programme can help your business save money, create new opportunities and improve its environmental footprint. Every commercial business, regardless of industry sector, produces some form of waste. To prevent waste disposal via landfill, adopt the waste hierarchy into your programme with a reliable waste contractor such as Skippy Nationwide. By promoting recycling, reuse and recovery in your waste management plan, you can benefit in a number of ways.


Steps To Effective Commercial Waste Management


The waste hierarchy is in place to determine a priority for the management of your commercial waste. The first step in good waste management is an initial waste audit. After establishing the places where your waste programme is working effectively, you can highlight where improvements are needed.

Through waste prevention businesses can reduce the waste they produce from the offset. Commercial waste contractors can help you to implement the appropriate processes to help limit the amount of waste produced. Reducing costs and allowing your business to run more efficiently, waste prevention will help you to manage your waste streams effectively.

After prevention and minimisation, comes reuse. Whatever your industry sector, there will be some aspects of your waste that can be reused. Through checking, cleaning, repairing and refurbishing, waste items can be reused within your business or by third party firms. This could be as simple as printing on scrap paper, to reusing food containers.

In commercial waste management, recycling and recovery are the next steps. If your business produces electrical waste items, then at Skippy Nationwide we can manage your electronic waste in line with the WEEE Directive. Ensuring you waste disposal meets the relevant legislative guidelines; we can help with all aspects of your recycling management.

Commercial waste recovery, such as energy from waste, can turn your residual waste products into a valuable energy resource. With great advances in technology, previously redundant waste materials such as food waste can now be recovered into energy through processes such as incineration, combustion and anaerobic digestion.

After all these options have been considered, then and only then is disposal an option. Ideally this should only include items such as hazardous waste which are subject to specific legislation for the handling, storage and disposal.

Commercial Waste Disposal From A Registered Contractor

In order to ensure your commercial waste is dealt with responsibly in accordance with UK and EU legislation, you should secure the services of a registered commercial waste contractor. The Duty of Care regulation makes it your responsibility to manage your waste safely and effectively; whether that be directly or via a contractor. It is therefore essential that you are 100% sure that any commercial waste management services you use, are operating within the law and meeting applicable regulations.

If you require commercial waste services from a registered and highly experienced company, with a track record for excellent customer service, then contact Skippy Nationwide today. We are your one stop shop for reliable skip hire and commercial waste disposal across the UK.

To make an enquiry free phone 03333 218402 or email sales@skippy.co.uk.

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