Consider Your Liabilities - The Duty Of Care Audit
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Consider Your Liabilities - The Duty Of Care Audit

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy Nationwide on 11:53 Jan 13th, 2014

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Commercial waste management is something that should not be taken lightly. All companies that are involved with the management of waste must be compliant withregulations such as the Waste Disposal Legislation and the Duty of Care Audit. What is the Duty of Care Audit, and why do you need to stay on top of it?


Commercial Waste Management And The Duty Of Care Audit


The Duty of Care Audit is a legal obligation that applies to everyone who is involved in the management of your waste. You as a producer as well as the party that disposes or recycles of your waste are liable. You have a legal obligation to ensure that the person whom you are entrusting with your waste has a legal permit to do so. Duty of Care is one of the most common ways to reduce and deal with fly tipping.

There are rules that need to be followed with waste management,such askeeping your commercial waste secure of leakage.What do you need to know before giving waste to other people?

• First of all you need to have proof that the company or person is authorised to handle waste. You should ask for evidence such as aWaste Transfer Licence or a Waste Management Licence. You could also check if they are registered with the Environment Agency.
• Ensure that your commercial waste goes to a licensed or exempt place. You might even want to visit a waste operator’s site, view the operations and ask a few questions.
• A transfer note must be exchanged with the description of the waste and signed by both parties. Copies of transfer notes have to be kept for at least a two year period.

These are necessary steps in assuring that your waste will be handled according to all regulations. If you find it hard to obtain information from the company, remember that you can always check Environment Agency's Public Register to see if the company is registered.

Commercial Waste Disposal From Skippy Nationwide

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