Commercial Waste Consultancy Launched
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Commercial Waste Consultancy Launched

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 11:00 Jun 5th, 2013

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Welsh Government Consults On Site Waste Management
As of February, the Welsh Government will be providing consultation for commercial waste producers on how to implement compulsory Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP’s) in Wales. It has been proposed by the Welsh Government, that all construction and demolition projects should be required to complete a Site Waste Management Plan, in order to reduce waste sent to landfill. As construction commercial waste accounts for around 12 million tonnes of waste each year, the implementation of compulsory SWMP’s would help to encourage construction and demolition waste to be managed in accordance with the approved waste hierarchy.
Under the legislation of the Waste (Wales) Measure 2010, compulsory Site Waste Management Plans have the potential to dramatically improve the way current construction commercial waste is managed. It is only construction businesses who are working on projects that require planning permission, which will be expected to complete the compulsory SWMP. As a result of this, a higher percentage of the construction and demolition waste produced in Wales will fall under the new initiative. Compared to England’s existing SWMP scheme that applies only to projects with a value over £300,000, Wales’ new SWMP initiative would be include a greater percentage of commercial waste
Manage Your Commercial Waste

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