Commercial Responsibilities With Hazardous Waste
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Commercial Responsibilities With Hazardous Waste

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 10:54 Jun 5th, 2013

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All producers of hazardous waste have a duty of care to dispose of these materials in the appropriate way, as outlined by the government’s waste regulations. Any businesses found irresponsibly disposing of hazardous waste can suffer the consequences of significant financial penalties and in some cases imprisonment.

Even if the business in question used a commercial waste company to manage their hazardous waste disposal, they are still liable as the producer of the waste should anything be found to be non compliant as the onus is on the producer to audit the supplier.
Therefore it is imperative that when organising your hazardous waste disposal, you secure the waste management services of a trusted and experienced company.
What Are Your Responsibilities For Hazardous Waste Disposal?
Your responsibilities outlined in the duty of care state:
  • Adhere to the waste hierarchy – reuse and recycle, disposal is the last resort
  • Ensure the waste is stored safely and securely
  • Complete a consignment note for every load of hazardous waste you are transporting
  • If you receive a delivery of hazardous waste you must fill in a consignee return
  • Check your commercial waste management provider dealing with your hazardous waste disposal is licensed and retain a copy of this
  • Have a licence in order to transport, store, treat, recover or dispose of the hazardous waste yourself
Skippy Nationwide Licensed Commercial Waste Management & Skip Hire
Skippy Nationwide is a leading provider of skip hire and commercial waste management services that comply with all current UK legislation. Our hazardous waste disposal services provide customers with the peace of mind that they’re complying with their duty of care responsibilities.
Furthermore, ALL other waste streams can be managed by us meaning we are a one stop shop for skip hire and commercial waste disposal anywhere in the country.
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