5 Tips For More Efficient And Cost Effective Construction Waste Disposal
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5 Tips For More Efficient And Cost Effective Construction Waste Disposal

posted in Commercial Waste Disposal by Skippy on 12:37 Sep 7th, 2016

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People are constantly trying to make their construction waste disposal plans more efficient and cost effective. Here are five tips to give you a helping hand.

1. Save Time Save Money
Do your research beforehand. A few minutes planning could save a few hours later on, which means reducing the risk of wasting money.

A waste management plan is all about trying to do two things. Hygienically manage waste, and save money. So take your time beforehand to get a solid plan, so you can save your time later when it’s more precious.

2. Choose A Reputable Company
By choosing a reputable company, you’ll be giving yourself a level of quality that you can trust. Also reputable companies don’t get their good reputations from ripping people off. Sure a reputable company might be more expensive than a cheaper company, but it’s important to remember that a bargain is only a bargain if you’re getting good value for money. If you pay a low price for a poor quality service, it’s not really a bargain.

3. Go Green
By recycling your waste whenever possible you can save yourself a lot of money.
Products created from recycled materials are cheaper than their ‘virgin sourced’ alternatives because they require less energy to create. So by using recycled material and by recycling your waste, you continue to provide yourself with two levels of savings.

4. Reduce and Reuse
Don’t simply recycle goods. Look at your project and realise that taking full advantage of what is available is just as important as minimising waste. If you’re taking part in a refurbishment, look at what you can reuse. By reusing materials, you can reduce the cost not only in the deconstruction process, but in the construction process.

5. Remember The Simple Things
Something as simple as sweeping the floor and maintaining high levels of tidiness can greatly reduce costs. People can move more swiftly about the facility if the floors are well maintained and any hazards removed or clearly marked. Also the risk of many accidents which can cost money, slow production and harm your staff can be reduced by doing something as simple as keeping the work area tidy.

Construction Waste Disposal From Skippy

Here at Skippy, we are experts in construction waste disposal. We have exceptionally high standard of customer service and reliability. When you choose Skippy, you’re choosing a flexible company, capable of delivering waste management solutions nationwide. We’re a highly experienced company who is the number one provider of skip hire in the UK so when you choose us, you not only get a high quality service, but also peace of mind.

We offer a variety of waste management services from skip hire to hazardous waste management. If you’re interested in more information, or have any questions or queries about any of the other services we provide; or if you’re looking for a no obligation quote. Then please call us on 03333 218402 our lines are open Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm. Alternatively you could email us at sales@skippy.co.uk.

We’re look forward to your call.

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